The Persistence of Sound Collection



Persistence of Sound — The Collection

4 × 12" vinyl + digital downloads
Huellas Entreveradas + Thames + Factitious Airs + The Eccentric Press

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The first four releases explore the power of location sound as a trigger for emotion and memory, the music within the everyday sounds around us, and how musique concrète tape techniques – transforming concrete sounds from the real world – are being used today. These albums are complementary in their modernism – united as products of particular places and times:

Iain Chambers’ The Eccentric Press comprises two symphonies of industrial and domestic technology, composed solely from recordings by the pan-EU Sounds of Changes project.

Factitious Airs (Electronic Music) is the first solo album by veteran composer & broadcaster Robert Worby: a visceral collection of contemporary electronic music, in which tiny fragments of other musics are fractured, manipulated, combined and rearranged.

Thames is a collection of field recordings by The London Sound Survey following the river from central London to its estuary, seemingly taking us back in time to a quieter place, where nature reasserts itself over man-made sounds.

Huellas Entreveradas is a collection of three unreleased contemporary works that reveal how Ferreyra continues to create compelling sounds from classic musique concrète techniques.