Persistence of Sound

A new independent record label celebrating musique concrète, field recordings and the sounds in between.

This label is a recognition of the place field recordings have found in our culture, both in their raw state and as compositional inspiration. The work of composers Luc Ferrari, Beatriz Ferreyra, Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer are an inspiration to us, along with the sound recordists Chris Watson, Bernie Krause and Jana Winderen.

Persistence of Sound is thrilled to present Huellas Entreveradas: new music by Beatriz Ferreyra, a composer from the golden age of French electronic music, the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM), whose work makes classic musique concrète techniques sound fresh and vital.

The label’s first three releases explore the power of location sound as a trigger for emotion and memory, the music within the everyday sounds around us, and how musique concrète tape techniques – transforming concrete sounds from the real world – are being used today. These albums are complementary in their modernism – united as products of particular places and times:

Iain Chambers’ The Eccentric Press comprises two symphonies of industrial and domestic technology. The album celebrates pan-EU collaboration and cultural exchange, and is composed solely from recordings by the Sounds of Changes  project: a partnership of six museums across Europe documenting the continent’s sonic heritage.

Factitious Airs (Electronic Music) is the first solo album by the composer & broadcaster Robert Worby: a visceral collection of contemporary electronic music, in which tiny fragments of other musics are fractured, manipulated, combined and rearranged.

Thames is a collection of field recordings by The London Sound Survey  following the river from central London to its estuary, seemingly taking us back in time to a quieter place, where nature reasserts itself over man-made sounds.

Limited edition vinyl pressings are presented in striking graphic designs by Matthew Young , with complementary high quality download audio.

Persistence of Sound was founded by composer Iain Chambers , of the musique concrète ensemble, Langham Research Centre . Future releases will explore key composers in the world of electroacoustic music, contemporary global field recordings, and unclassifiable music spanning these genres.


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