Persistence of Sound

A new independent record label celebrating musique concrète, field recordings and the sounds in between.

The London Sound Survey
From Dusk Till Dawn

A posthumous album of field recordings from The London Sound Survey. ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ is a sound-journey through the dark in East Anglia, UK. It roams across the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk to places whose sounds have a precarious existence outside the crowded realities of modern everyday life. More info

Mark Vernon
A World Behind This World

A new album from one of British sound art’s most original voices. Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based artist who explores concepts of audio archaeology, magnetic memory and nostalgia through his work. At the core of his practice is a fascination with the intimacy of the radio voice, environmental sound, obsolete media and the reappropriation of found recordings. More info

Natasha Barrett

A new solo LP from one of the world’s leading voices in electroacoustic music. Natasha Barrett is known internationally for her intense explorations of the movement of sounds through space. More info

Beatriz Ferreyra / Natasha Barrett
Souvenirs Cachés / Innermost

A split LP from two leading voices in electroacoustic music. It would be hard to find a better-suited combination of contemporary acousmatica on one record. More info

Beatriz Ferreyra
Huellas Entreveradas

Beatriz Ferreyra has been at the forefront of electroacoustic music composition since 1963 when she joined the Groupe de Recherches Musicales as one of Pierre Schaeffer’s research assistants. This album presents three unreleased contemporary works that reveal how Ferreyra continues to create compelling sounds from classic musique concrète techniques. More info

The London Sound Survey

‘Thames’ presents diverse sound interactions along the River Thames that surprise with their musicality. As we travel from central London to the river’s furthest estuary, it feels like we’re travelling back in time. We hear the sounds of nature and industry in competition, from the pitched, quasi-musical sound of Tower Bridge lifting up, to the marsh frogs of Allhallows. More info

Robert Worby
Factitious Airs

An LP of musique concrète that begins where pioneers like Schaeffer, Cage and Stockhausen left off. Robert Worby, of Langham Research Centre, creates a music of curious, disconnecting patterns, shape-shifting sounds and strange spaces. An album that invites detailed exploration. Repeated listening reveals more and more about these intriguing unseen worlds. More info

Iain Chambers
The Eccentric Press

Two musique concrète symphonies of industrial sound, in which musical relationships emerge from sounds more often regarded as noise. All the sounds were recorded by Sounds of Changes, a pan-EU project capturing obsolete and endangered industrial and domestic sounds. More info

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