Mark Vernon A World Behind This World

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A composed soundscape created from sounds recorded on location at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden and the surrounding areas.

Originally produced for SSW’s radio station Lumsden Live in 2021. This is a condensed, reworked version created specifically for this release.

As well as the rural environment, recordings of various machines, equipment and processes from the workshop feature heavily.

'Performed' by Eden Jolly sound sources include the copper guillotine, furnaces, extractor fans, electrical saws, drills, the furnace, welding torches, anvils, hydraulic jacks, sanding machines, grinders and electric hoists. More info

New Golden Severities (Vermin Under the Stars) [ 19:45 ]
Fugitives from Bliss [ 9:19 ]
Build the Hole to Suit the Stone [ 7:18 ]
A Pale Object in Search of a Shape [ 6:42 ]
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